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Clinical trials are conducted to help find new or improved treatments for diseases. These research studies explore ways to treat, diagnose or manage symptoms for diseases to hopefully improve the quality of life for patients. Clinical trials may not only help make progress against a medical condition for the participating patient, but may also positively impact the lives of future patients.

We’ve had many people in the Waterbury and Hamden areas of Connecticut participate in clinical trials with us over the past 17 years. In this time, we’ve gathered data on why people participate with us and how often they return to participate with us again.

Here are some interesting participant insights provided by CenterWatch, a trusted source for clinical trials information:

  • About 33% of research participants felt that the top perceived benefit of a clinical trial was to advance science and treatments.
  • About 15% of research participants felt that completing a research trial improved their condition.
  • Around 98% of research volunteers would consider participating in a clinical trial again.

Our infographic will illustrate patients’ top perceived benefits, their returning behavior and a step-by-step guide on our clinical trial process and the clinical trial journey at Chase Medical Research

ChaseMR_CT-infographic_v4 (1) (2).jpg

Considering a clinical trial to explore new potential treatments? 
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