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We’ve discussed in a previous blog post, what a patient’s journey at Chase Medical Research looks like. You may already know that when you first arrive as a patient at one of our research sites that a friendly staff member will greet and guide you to begin your clinical trial journey. You’ll then be consulted by one of our clinical research coordinators about all the details of your specific clinical trial.

But, you may still be wondering what happens behind the scenes? Watch the video below to get a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes during your clinical trial journey.

Our staff is always prepared for your clinical trial journey.

Rest assured, that the people on our team have the instinctive ability to always make each patient’s well-being their top priority.

Everyone at Chase Medical Research, from our patient recruiters, clinical staff, dietitians and physicians, meet often to discuss each patient’s case and how they can work to better serve all trial participants.

 As our patient, you will find dedicated, expert, caring professionals who strive to help others live a healthier life.

At Chase Medical Research our number one priority is your care and your health.

We asked Tracy Spinola, one of our clinical research study specialists, to speak about clinical trials here and she said , “At Chase Medical Research we’re passionate about delivering the highest quality of care and safety to all our patients. With your help we can further the advancements of clinical research and modern medicines.”

If you would like to help the future generation stay healthy, contact us today at chasemr.com to see if you may qualify for one of our clinical trials.
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